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Situation recap/standing

So right now BIG10 is waiting to see if Notre Dame accepts their invite. Notre Dame laid out an unobtainable set of circumstances to the ACC for them to join the ACC in hopes of forcing them out of the picture and allowing talks with the BIG10.

should ND join the BIG10 the next three are Stanford (who has said they will take unequal revenue to get in) UW and UO. BIG12 would then swoop AZ ASU Colorado and Utah.

Should ND not accept bid into BIG10, then the BIG10 may go after CU AZ ASU Utah etc. In that case the Big12 may look to add a western division including the WA and OR schools.

IF ND does accept, seems most likely Cal WSU and OSU will be joining the MWC, unless pac12 leadership can band aid the conference together with SDSU and Fresno.

I hope Schultz connections to Big12 can land WSU in that conference even if revenue sharing is unequal. May be our best hope.

The Pac12 should raid the MWC and WCC for teams!

With USC, UCLA eventually UW, and Oregon the Big-10 and the Arizona schools, Utah, and Colorado to the Big-12 the Pac2 should seriously consider adding some WCC and MWC schools to at least compete the conference competitive and from falling. The Pac12 should add New Mexico, UNLV, Colorado State, Gonzaga, San Diego State, Gonzaga, and Fresno State

The new look Pac12

Fresno State
San Diego State
Colorado State
Gonzaga* not in football
New Mexico

A good baseball, basketball, and but lacking football league. Hopefully, UW, and Oregon stay in the Pac-12 to save the conference from falling! Go Cougs!

Why would Oregon want to go to the Big 10?

Initially I thought UW and Oregon were gone , and they still might be. But Oregon with their Nike marketing arm are the kings of the west coast . Why would they go to a conference they would have little chance to win the National title . In the Pac 12 the first six weeks of the season always had a chance . I do wonder if Phil Knight will want to be king of the west and find a way to keep pac 12 competitive .
Still having a tough time seeing ucla making trips to Illinois Purdue etc .

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Where do you want WSU to end up?

What is your preferred destination for WSU?

  • Mountain West

    Votes: 4 16.0%
  • Big 12

    Votes: 2 8.0%
  • Pac 12 ( whatever it looks like in a reconstituted form )

    Votes: 15 60.0%
  • FCS

    Votes: 1 4.0%
  • Dissolve the Football program entirely

    Votes: 3 12.0%

What say you, fellow Coug fans? My preferred destinations are either drop down to FCS where there 8s a true NCAA season and tournament or scrap the whole thing. I have zero desire to participate in and contribute to the FBS system any longer. I could barely get myself to care when we had at least an outside shot at a miracle season that could end in the Rose Bowl. Being in a non-power conference, to me, is worse than being at the FCS level. It's the only place you're guaranteed to have a meaningless postseason, which ultimately leads to a meaningless season.

Don't get me started on Bowl games and how worthless they've been for 20 years.

FUCLA and FUSC too...

Would it be possible to simple not play them the next two seasons? Like, boycott or forfeit the games? And I mean the entire conference. I see no reason to continue to support their programs with the games necessary to reach the post season.

Also, I read someone here mention them taking all their sports to the B10, but that is not the case. They are being allowed to pick and chose, however if the P10 had any balls they'd exclude them from conference membership for all sports. Neither of their MBB teams are worth the $$, so... bye felicia.