I think our Offense looked "smarter"


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Jul 6, 2022
I am getting seasick from going back and forth so much, but after a game like that maybe it'd be better to shut up and judge after going out on a few dates.

1) I felt the offense flow. Stanford was guessing what was going on.

2) With our primary running back there, we got the yards, threats. Used the position like it mattered.

3) You could sense the LOVE FOR WAZZU! Our guys wanted it! You know how easy it would have been for guys to not care? A lot of that comes from players supporting players, but coaches can light the fire and keep it burning too.

There had to be more to the story with fUSC, Utah, and especially Oregon State.

I won't be too pissed about Oregon as we took them to the wire and even though we really should've / could've won... Oregon really should be a Top 10 team and they are failures if they aren't.

Can anyone think of a reason why we shouldn't win 2 more games other than we've been in a tough position this year all things considered?

I can't and won't be too pissed if we get our 6th win and bowl it.

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