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Apr 21, 2008
No sports going on right now so thought I would take a look at the NBA mock drafts. CJ is not listed as being drafted by most of the sites, none of the sites have him going in the first round. Highest I found was the first pick in the second round, another had him going 51st and another had him on the bubble of getting drafted, all the other sites had him undrafted.
On a side note of the three sites that mentioned CJ, all had Tinkle close to him but behind him by at least a few spots. I know every player is different but it doesn’t seem to have done Tinkle any real favors going back last year.
On another side note CJ was not listed on any of the 2021 mock drafts, which makes me think the anylist think he is gone for sure.
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Dec 21, 2001
Tinkle's a good comparison point. Good player but nothing exactly jumps out at you about his game at the NBA level. I think a few teams will like them enough to draft them somewhere in the 2nd round. Would be great if Golden State picked up CJ with the 1st pick of the second round.

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