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Jan 17, 2012
They need to let him put his first name on the back of his jersey. That’s the only way to do this.


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Feb 26, 2007
I wouldn't be surprised, shocked to see Decoldest verbal and sign to, with WSU.

As bad as NIL + Portal has been, will be to, for WSU, both Kyle Smith and Dickert, have done a awesome recruiting job, getting Chinyelu, Flowers, Powell, Jabe Mullins, Henly, Jamorri Colson, etc, etc, replacing what WSU loses to the Portal from the Portal.

WSU might become a good FARM teams, where WSU recruits good HS recruits, develops them, gets 1 good year out of them, AND gets good players from the Portal, that have 1,2,3 good years, and have constant, consistent, LOTS of roster changing, turmoil, turnover, and wins 6,7,8,9 games + bowl game every year or every other year.

WSU could get a reputation, that if you want to get good playing time, film for the NFL, development, be able to transfer via transfer portal to a Alabama type AND get a good NIL deal, and then get drafted into and play in the NFL, then GOTO WSU for your 1st 1,2,3 years.

With those type of, both HS recruits and Portal players, WSU could win 6,7,8,9 games + bowl game, each every season, WITH THE RIGHT WSU PRESIDENT, WSU AD, WSU HC, AND WITH THE RIGHT FANS, CULTURE, ETC.

Maybe, might semi probably Kyle Smith and Dickert are, will build WSU into such a program.

But I know it's hard to see that when WSU loses players like Noah Williams, Roberts, Fred Magoa, Travion Brown, etc, etc, EACH YEAR, SEASON to NIL + PORTAL.

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