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Feb 26, 2007
The schedule is ok. WSU should be 9,10,11-1 in Noncon, with the only loss to #5 Baylor. Boise St, UNLV, Texas St, small handful of slightly tougher games, but they are games that WSU can, semi Should win.

WSU probably finishes about 10-10, (11-9 at best) in conference.

Overall WSU probably has a prediction winning range of 17-13, 9-11(6,7,8) in conference, NIT/CBI bubble at worst to 21-9, 12-8(3,4,5) in conference, NCAA tournament/maybe bubble in at worst, 7,8,9 seed, make it to 1st or 2nd round, 1,2 Pac 12 tourney wins.

At average, 19-11, 9-9(11-9 at best)(tied for 4th at best), 4,5,6 in conference, Just barely win 1 game in PAC 12 tourney, NIT/NCAA Bubble(65 to 75 to 85% chance of bubble into NCAA. About 25% chance of getting SNUBBED. 9,10,11,12 seed. 1st round elimination, an or just barely making it into 2nd round for getting blown out of 2nd round. NIT final 2, if don't make NCAA.

A lot depends on how long it takes for WSU to JELL, DEVELOP CHEMISTRY, WORK TOGETHER WELL, and how well they distribute the ball, shoot from 3, defense, rebounding, and how long it takes Gueye, Bamba to BREAKOUT, get going, and whether Powell returns to his 11 ppg, 6 to 11 assist form, and having either of Diongue, Jaki or Crespin be at least serviceable starters at the big man spot opposite Gueye, since Jackson out indefinitely, and either DJ Rodman, Jabe Mullins, Jaki, etc, do well at the 3 spot.

If Gueye comes back(and he should since he is capable of a mid 1st round draft pick, if he comes back next year, and since he is mid 2nd round projection at best so far for this season), and keep Powell, Bamba, and if most return, WSU would have 3,4 seniors, 4,5 juniors, 3,4 sophomores, 2,3,4 freshman, and would probably win about 21,22,23,24 games, 21-9 to 24-6, unbeaten in non con, 13-7, 12-8, tied for 2nd at best, 2,3,4 in conference, 2,3,4 Pac 12 tourney wins, 3,4,5,6 seed in NCAA, 2nd round, sweet 16, Elite 8

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