SBnation, 247, John Givony, ESPN, projecting Gueye as #46 pick of mid 2nd round in 2023 NBA Draft, in their mock drafts


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Feb 26, 2007
If Gueye stays for his Junior Year, He would be about a last pick of NBA Lottery to last pick of 1st round of NBA draft to #1 pick of 2nd round, after, at the end of his Junior year.

If he doesn't stay for junior year, he will or should go NBA G League to go route that Abogidi go, because Abogidi is projected to be drafted in 2023 NBA Draft.

If Gueye enters, and stays in 2023 NBA Draft after end of Sophmore year, then he would probably be last pick of 1st round at extreme best to 1st pick of 2nd round to mid 2nd round to last pick of 2nd round to undrafted NBA free agent signee, G league signee, overseas.

That's not worth either not staying at WSU or not going G League, because if he stays at WSU for Junior Year, his draft stock, probably can, probably should improve, and probably drafted higher in NBA draft.

And if Gueye goes G League, he can get paid to play, can theoretically be developed better, and then after that probably will have his draft stock improved, and probably drafted higher in NBA draft.

Just no reason for Gueye to either Not stay for Jr year at WSU OR Not go G league, and makes no sense to either be drafted mid to last pick of 2nd round an or risk not getting drafted, when he has great chance to be a last pick of Lottery, to last pick of 1st round, if he either stays for Jr year at WSU or goes G League.

Of course that means I wouldn't be surprised to see him be the next Coug who gets, follows bad advice, and stays in 2023 NBA draft and either goes last pick of 2nd round, or goes undrafted free agent signee, or undrafted G League, or overseas, etc, and miss out on last pick of Lottery, 1st round draft pick, etc.
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Apr 21, 2008
I have to admit Gueye has positioned himself to potentially get drafted. Which would be really good for WSU and of course for Gueye himself. I can see a breakout type year for him. He should be stronger and more importantly more confident and used to the speed of the game. He still has a long way to go but he is going in the right direction.

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